How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass

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When it comes to finding the best artificial grass for your needs, there are several key characteristics to consider. These characteristics will ensure that your artificial turf can withstand heavy foot traffic, maintain a lush and full appearance, last for a long time, remain resilient and springy, have an effective drainage system, boast realistic colors, and offer antimicrobial properties.

1. Can Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic/Use

Choose an artificial grass product that is designed to handle the amount of foot traffic and usage you expect. Consider factors such as children and pets, and how often and in what numbers they will be using the area. Investing in a durable turf product will help ensure its longevity and prevent buyer’s regret down the line.

2. Looks Full & Lush

For a natural and attractive appearance, pay attention to the pile height, thatch, infill, and density of the artificial grass. These elements contribute to the overall lush and full look. Regularly maintaining your artificial turf with a turf rake will help keep it plush, fluffy, and prevent matting.

3. Durable & Long-Lasting

The best artificial grass is made from durable materials that can withstand the elements, including heat, rain, sun, and dust. Choose a product with features that allow it to withstand the specific weather conditions in your area. Artificial turf is designed to handle heavy foot traffic and can last for many years with minimal maintenance.

4. Resilient and Springy

Artificial grass should be resistant to matting and remain in a vertical position when walked on. The fiber structure and infill used in the turf contribute to its resilience and springiness. Consider using TdegCool Evaporative Cooling Infill or rounded silica infill to maintain a cool and springy surface, similar to real grass.

5. Effective Drainage System

Ensure that the artificial turf you choose has a high-quality drainage system. Water and pet urine should be able to flow through the turf and into the subbase beneath. There are two types of drainage systems available: 100% permeable backing and hole-punched backing. The 100% permeable backing allows liquids to pass through at any point on the turf and is suitable for wetter areas or lawns with pets.

Hole-punched backing, with drainage holes every few inches, is best for areas with less excess runoff. Hybrid drainage systems, such as “DUAL Flow,” offer both full permeability and hole-punched features.

6. Realistic Colors

Artificial grass can be customized to resemble different types of natural grass. Take a photo of the grass in a nearby lawn to help you choose the right color and texture for your artificial lawn. This will ensure a realistic and visually appealing result.

7. Antimicrobial Properties

If you frequently have children or pets on your lawn, consider using artificial grass with antimicrobial properties. These products are manufactured with antimicrobial additives, helping to keep your lawn clean and hygienic.

By considering these characteristics, you can find the best artificial grass that meets your specific needs and provides a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

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