How to Know If Mice Have Invaded Your Glen Ellyn Home

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Mouse infestations are common pest issues. These rodents set up camps in houses to find food, water, and shelter. However, identifying their presence can be hard until an infestation has developed. Mice are intelligent creatures, which makes them excellent hiders. But with diligence and knowledge of what to look for, it is possible to identify signs of a mouse and rat infestation before the problem gets out of hand. Also, it is important to work with a pest control company in Glen Ellyn when an infestation is ongoing. Only professionals know how to completely eliminate rodents from your home. 

Signs that Mice Have Infested Your House

Mice are quite common in rural areas. These sneaky creatures can fit themselves through small spaces to enter your house and look for food sources. But they will usually leave evidence of their presence that you can look for. When mice have invaded your living space, you may notice gnaw marks on household items such as boxes, food containers, and electrical wiring. Also, they leave behind droppings that resemble rice grains. Such droppings are moist when fresh, which indicates an active infestation. Musky odors will alert you to their feces and urine.

In addition, mice will make scuffing noises or scratching sounds as they move around. If you have dogs or cats in the house, you may notice them showing strange anxious behaviors if there are mice nearby. Lastly, the presence of mice nests are clear signs of an infestation.

Where to Mice Hide?

You may not discover a mouse issue right away as these rodents keep themselves out of people’s sight. They hide in hard-to-reach spaces and only come out at night. However, if you can find a few mice during the day, this could mean an infestation has risen. 

Due to their size, mice can sneak into pipes, AC vents, basements, attics, walls, sheds, pantries, and garages. If you are not aware of their hideouts, you can put traps in strategic locations such as along an existing rodent runway, in a pantry, near a vent opening, inside or around the oven, and around the attic or basement. 

Can You Rely on Mouse Traps?

If mouse prevention has not worked, there are traps you can use to eliminate these rodents. Snap traps can kill or injure mice; however, other traps are available to trap these pests. This allows you to remove them from your house humanely. These include traps that have doors, which tend to snap shut if the bait is triggered. Other options are traps that have sticky substances on them. Bait these traps with foods such as peanut butter, cheese, meat, fruits, or pet foods. 

Are Mouse Infestations Dangerous?

Knowing that mice have invaded your home is unsettling. These rodents can pose serious health risks as they can contaminate surfaces, food sources, and water supply. Also, they can spread airborne viruses such as hantavirus. Additionally, they can spread typhus, plague, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, leptospirosis, and more. If they chew through electrical wiring, these rodents can create fire hazards. 

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