Pest Control in Round Rock, TX: Four Common Myths About Rats and Mice 

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Rodents are a few pests that generate many myths. Once you discover the presence of a mouse or rat inside your house, you tend to freak out, especially since there are many beliefs about these rodents. These beliefs are usually exaggerated. You may think rodents can be as huge as cats. Once you see a few of them you automatically think they are living in your walls. So, to set your mind at ease and understand the importance of pest control Round Rock, TX, below are some myths about rodents, together with facts to debunk them:

Rats are No Longer Disease Carriers

Particularly, the Norway rats transmit various diseases to humans including leptospirosis, salmonella, rat bite fever, and trichinosis. Such diseases can spread through your food contaminated by these rats through their feces and bites. 

You Don’t Have to Worry About Rodents If You Have Cats

While having cats can help deter rats and mice, it does not guarantee that you can keep them out for good. Some cats are not rodent hunters. If your cats are fed well and can tolerate mice or rats, they will usually ignore these rodents. Sometimes, cats even attract rodents due to cat food being left outside for rodents to feast on. 

Having Rodents Means You Have a Dirty House

Did you know that even the cleanest house can harbor a rodent issue? When rats and mice get access to your house where they can get nesting material and food supply, they will take residency there. The majority of such rodents are searching for a source of food, so any area that offers enough food supply will attract them. Bird seed, gardens, fruit trees, and pet food are all what they look for to get food. Mulch piles, thick landscaping, and accessible sheds also offer rats and mice the shelter and nesting ground they need. 

Rodents are Nocturnal Creatures

Usually, rats and mice are more active at night to avoid being detected by humans. However, they are not mainly nocturnal. Mice and rats do not move in packs, instead, they travel individually and will often remain in a small place. They just move about for water and food. These rodents sleep for short periods and tend to scurry about when they are awake to find supplies. 

Seeing mice and rats during the day doesn’t indicate a serious infestation. The presence of droppings, home damage, and burrowing around your house better indicates a possible rodent issue. 

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