Board Up Services: Basics

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When your home suffers damage, it’s crucial to protect it from further harm. Board-up services can be an essential measure to safeguard your property until permanent repairs can be made. Here’s a guide on why and when to use these services, along with what to expect from professional providers like Best Board Up.

What Are Board Up Services?

Board-up services involve covering broken or vulnerable windows with durable materials to prevent further damage and unauthorized entry. This temporary solution helps protect your home until you can get a window installer or repair team to make permanent fixes.

Why Use Board Up Services?

Protection Against Elements

Windows are the most vulnerable entry points of a home. Whether due to vandals or natural forces, broken glass can expose your home to the elements, causing further damage. Board-up services provide a barrier against rain, wind, and debris.

Prevent Further Damage

In the aftermath of a storm or disaster, local window installers might be overwhelmed with requests, delaying repairs. Board-up services bridge the gap, preventing further damage until permanent repairs can be made.

Common Situations for Board Up Services

Storm Damage

Natural disasters like tornadoes, windstorms, and hurricanes can break windows due to pressure differences or flying debris.

Fire Damage

The intense heat from a structure fire can shatter windows, leaving your home vulnerable to the elements.

Property Vacancy

Abandoned or foreclosed properties are prone to vandalism and further deterioration. Boarding up these homes can protect them until they are sold or reoccupied.

Preventative Measures

Before an anticipated storm, boarding up windows can prevent damage. After the storm, the boards can be removed to restore your home’s appearance.

Benefits of Hiring Board Up Services

Preventing Further Damage

Boarding up windows before or after a storm can save you from the cost and hassle of additional damage. This step minimizes losses and protects your home until repairs can be made.

Maintaining Insurance Coverage

After a disaster, contacting your insurance company is essential. Boarding up your windows prevents further damage, supporting your insurance claim and preventing denial due to neglect.

Deterring Vandals

For vacant or foreclosed properties, board-up services prevent vandalism, theft, and liability issues. This protective measure is crucial for preserving the property until it is sold or reoccupied.

What to Expect from Best Board Up Services

Professional Installation

When Best Board Up comes to your home, their professionals will use durable materials to cover your damaged windows. They ensure that the boards are securely fastened and properly placed to last as long as necessary.

Durable Materials

Best Board Up uses high-quality materials and correct fastening methods to ensure that the boards remain in place, protecting your home from further damage and unauthorized entry.

Timely Response

They provide timely and efficient services, understanding the urgency of securing your home after a disaster.


Board-up services are a vital part of protecting your home after damage occurs. Whether it’s due to natural disasters, fire, or vacancy, professional board-up services like those from Best Board Up can help prevent further damage, support your insurance claims, and deter vandals. By securing your home with durable materials and proper techniques, you can ensure it remains protected until permanent repairs can be made.

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