Destroy Bed Bug Infestation by calling Pest Control Professionals

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Bed bug bites are infamous for intense itching. These reddish-brown tiny creatures suck human blood. They are nocturnal feeders, so the itching at night can disturb your sleep, leaving you tired and irritable the next day.

How do bedbugs infest your home in Manchester?

These tiny, elusive pests are adept at hitchhiking on belongings like clothes or luggage and gain entry into your home. You may unknowingly transport them from public transport or hotels. These unwelcome guests enter your home via—secondhand furniture purchases. Manchester is a bustling urban center with a high volume of people moving in and out, so the possibility of bed bug transfer is high.

Once inside, they find many places to hide, like mattresses, box springs, and clutter. You will be unable to detect their presence as they feed human blood at night and retreat to their hiding holes daily. Until the day you experience itchy red welts on your skin or your loved one experiences a more pronounced and painful allergic reaction that needs immediate medical care. However, the infestation may have already taken hold when these symptoms are noticed.

Check for bed bugs

Inspect your bedrooms for reddish-brown wingless insects in and around the bed, especially in the folds, sheets, and mattresses. Bed bugs shed exoskeletons, so look for it. Look for eggshells or white eggs and white bed bug larvae. Examine your sheets for rusty or reddish stains caused by their fecal matter or crushed bugs. Inspect the bed frame, headboard, and space between the wall and frame. Thoroughly check the seams, sheet piping, tags, mattresses, and box springs.

If you suspect bed bugs, call professional Pest Control Manchester Services. There are DIY methods, but calling a professional is a more effective solution. If you identified the affected area, make sure to contain the infestation before the professionals arrive. Use bedbug-proof covers if the infestation is in the mattress or box spring. Isolate the affected area by moving the bed further away from the wall.

How do professional pest control services eliminate bed bug infestation?

The first step professionals take is to inspect the infested areas thoroughly. They are well aware of the hiding spots, so they not only examine the bedding, furniture, and based boards but even around the light-boards, thin cracks in the walls, etc. It gives them an idea of infestation.

Based on their findings, the exterminator develops a tailored treatment plan. It may include a combination of methods. Insecticides are commonly used. The chemical is applied to the infested area to kill the bed bugs on contact and provide residual protection against future infestation.

In some situations, the exterminator uses heat treatment. Specialized equipment is used to raise the temperature in infested areas to a level that is lethal to bed bugs but safe for pets and humans. Vacuuming and steaming are essential to remove bed bugs, larvae, and eggs from carpets, furniture, and other surfaces.

Exterminators perform follow-up inspections to ensure complete eradication. If there are any signs of infestation, extra treatment will be needed.


Prevention and prompt action are vital to control bed bug issues. Awareness of infestation signs can lead to early detection and quick, professional treatment. It ensures that all the homes in Manchester are free from irritating bed bug infestation.

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